Monday, May 15, 2017

What Would Abraham Lincoln Do?

I just finished reading a story about Abraham Lincoln.  It seems he had quite a temper and a big mouth for much of his life.  Always giving people his opinions and in many cases he was outright offensive. Until one day when it all changed.  Circumstances of this encounter changed his life. Someone stepped in at the last minute and saved his life.  There after, Mr. Lincoln decided he would not speak in a negative way about anyone.  As I continued reading the author of this little story said the next time you are tempted to open your mouth, say something negative, take out a five dollar bill and look at Abraham Lincoln.  Ask yourself, what would Mr. Lincoln do?  Chances are Mr. Lincoln would have just smiled, walked away or excused himself from the room.  This may just be enough for you to avert the situation at hand and start fresh. Be encouraged and have a great day!!!

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